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Mobile Smartphone Apps - SAP Business ByDesign

Demo on how SAP Business ByDesign smartphone apps is working covering expense reports, analytics, customer 360, contact, activity management and service order confirmation with route planning.

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Understanding Service Order Templates - SAP S/4HANA Service

This video explains what service order templates are, what they are used for and provides a short demo. Service Order Templates define reusable sets of service-related data that minimize the amount…

From  openSAP Microlearning on October 29th, 2020 6 likes 161 plays 2  

Fulfilling Orders - SAP Commerce Cloud

This video provides you with an overview of the Order Fulfillment Process in the Backoffice.

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Approving Orders - SAP Commerce Cloud

This video demonstrates how to approve orders with SAP Commerce Cloud in a B2B scenario.

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How to Create a Sourcing Strategy with SAP Customer Order Sourcing

Learn how to create a Sourcing Strategy with the Strategy Builder in SAP Customer Order Sourcing.

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Customer Order Sourcing - in a Nutshell

Learn how SAP Customer Order Sourcing helps you in creating strategies to reflect your specific sourcing needs. For more information:SAP Customer Order Sourcing Help Page SAP Customer Order Sourcing…

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Introducing SAP Customer Experience Business Foundation Services

Learn about the different Business Foundation Services provided by SAP Customer Experience.

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Replenishment and Scheduled Orders - SAP Commerce Cloud

This video demonstrates a typical replenishment and order scheduling process in the B2B storefront.

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How to Place an Order for a Calling Customer - SAP Commerce Cloud

This video shows you how to place order on behalf of a customer using the Assisted Service Module.

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Checking If a Promotion is Applied to an Order - SAP Commerce Cloud

In this video, you will learn how to verify if a promotion is applied to an order in the Backoffice Administration Cockpit.

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Sales Order and Offline Pricing – SAP Sales Cloud Release 1911

See details of the key innovations in Sales Order and Offline pricing in SAP Sales Cloud in 1911.Learn about features like:Offline Party Determination for a custom party role. Offline Price display…

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Backoffice Perspectives - SAP Commerce Cloud

This video gives you an overview of the backoffice perspectives in SAP Commerce Cloud including administration, search, customer support and order fulfillment.

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Attribute Sales Orders to E-mail Campaigns with Google Analytics - SAP Marketing Cloud

Need to know if your digital marketing has paid off? Use web tracking and understand the contribution of your campaigns to your conversion. With SAP Marketing Cloud, it’s never been easier!…

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