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Perfect Store – SAP Sales Cloud Release 1911

Learn about key innovations in Perfect Store in SAP Sales Cloud in 1911.

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Dynamically Display Answer Options in a Survey Question - SAP Sales Cloud Solution

This video shows you how to configure a survey in a way that the answers show up dynamically based on the parent question selected.

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Deployment and Architecture - SAP Sales Cloud

In this video, you will see the high-level architecture of the SAP Sales Cloud solution, along with the deployment options and security features

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Introduction - SAP Sales Cloud

In this video, you will see the value proposition of the SAP Sales Cloud, followed by an overview of the various sub products that contribute to the SAP Sales Cloud portfolio.If you're looking…

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CPQ Overview - SAP Sales Cloud: SAP CPQ

SAP CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is a sales solution that allows you to configure products and services, manage complex pricing structures, and automate the quote and proposal process. The…

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