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Data Depersonalization - SAP Service Cloud Version 2

This video explains how an Administrator can remove personal data of an Employee, Individual Customers and Contacts are their request. This video also shows how to define a Data Retention period.

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Introduction to SAP Sales Cloud

Learn how SAP Sales Cloud can accelerate sales growth with intelligent and productivity features. This video shows the business benefits and features of the SAP Sales Cloud solution. Please note -…

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Introducing the SAP Commerce Cloud 2205 Release & Recent Highlights - SAP Commerce Cloud

The latest release from SAP Commerce Cloud has enhanced usability, security, personalization all wrapped into an Integrated One Office function. Further information can be found in SAP Commerce Cloud…

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Introducing the Kyma Licensing with SAP Commerce Cloud - SAP Extension Suite for Customer Experience

This video describes how you can use the Kyma runtime as part of your SAP Commerce Cloud. Check all the available licensing offerings and discover which one fits better for your solution.

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Introducing the Financial Services Accelerator 4.0 Product Demo for Project Spartacus

This video shows a product demo of the 4.0 release of Financial Services Accelerator for project "Spartacus", based on 2202 release of SAP Commerce Cloud Financial Services Accelerator.

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Customer Insights - SAP Sales Cloud

This video shows you how you can see customer insights such as customer interests, relationships with customer contacts and recent activities. This feature helps you get information and that you can…

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Introducing the Telco and Utilities Accelerator 2202 Release Notes-SAP Commerce Cloud

This video discusses the highlights of the 2202 release of the Telco and Utilities Accelerator. The 2202 release introduces a new set of APIs, which enable third-party systems to manage the main…

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Configuring the Integration Essentials in SAP Commerce Cloud for Intelligent Selling Services

In this video, you will learn how to configure the essential properties and objects in SAP Commerce Cloud to connect to Intelligent Selling Services

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Using Agent Desktop with SAP Service Cloud

We cover 3 scenarios for Agent Desktop in SAP Service Cloud, integrated with S/4HANA Cloud ** 1st scenario: Using SAP Service Cloud as your front end to create a Service Order via a mashup with SAP…

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Introducing the Administration Console Redesign - SAP Customer Data Cloud

In this video, you'll view the changes and updates made to the look and feel of the SAP Customer Data Cloud Console.

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Administration Console Tour - SAP Customer Data Cloud

In this video, you'll take a guided console tour in order to familiarize yourself with our platform. Our instructor also reviews key terms you should know before setting up your CIAM deployment.

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Product Overview - SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

This video introduces the basics of the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform and the key terminology. The use case of winning back churning customers is used to introduce products and…

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Integrating with Social Media and Google Analytics - SAP Marketing Cloud

This video gives you an overview of the integration possibilities of SAP Marketing Cloud with social media and Google Analytics.

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[ARCHIVED] Appraising Use Cases for SAP Extension Suite

Please note: this video is outdated and has been archived. In order to browse up-to-date content, please go back to the main page of openSAP MicrolearningThis video offers a general explanation and…

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Introducing SAP Extension Suite - Part One

This video offers a general introduction of the value that SAP Extension Suite brings our customers and partners. This is part one of a two video introductory offering. This video is also included…

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Why Eclipse Dirigible?

In this video, you will learn why Eclipse Dirigible may be the development platform you're looking for. For more information, see

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Introducing SAP Lead to Cash in SAP Customer Experience and SAP S/4HANA

This video is a short introduction to the SAP Lead to Cash business process. With this video you can gain an understanding of this agile, integrated business process that combines multiple SAP…

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Connecting SmartEdit to a Spartacus Storefront - SAP Commerce Cloud

In this video we'll show you the steps required to connect SmartEdit to a Spartacus storefront. Enjoy watching! If you search for more information about SmartEdit, please check our SAP Help…

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