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    You can create an expense report from the quick task bar on the SAP Concur homepage or from the menu bar on the expense tab.
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    Using your expense profile, you can update information such as your personal information, contact information, and emergency contacts.
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    This video is an introduction and high-level overview of SAP Commerce Cloud.

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    You can use an offline booking process to book your trip segments. After you complete the expected expenses for your request, and your manager approves it, a…
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    You can request a cash advance for your upcoming business trips. Once your cash advance request is submitted, it will automatically be sent to your manager for approval.
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    Using SAP Concur, you can automatically create a request from a completed travel itinerary. Your new request will pre-populate your expected expenses based on your…

New Arrivals SAP CX Solutions

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    This is the first video in a series on optimizing your content for better usability and improved customer experience, In this video, you’ll learn how product and…
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    This video shows a product demo of the 4.0 release of Financial Services Accelerator for project "Spartacus", based on 2202 release of SAP Commerce Cloud…
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    This video shows you how you can see customer insights such as customer interests, relationships with customer contacts and recent activities. This feature helps you…

New Arrivals SAP S/4HANA

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    This video provides an overview on supplier evaluation in SAP S/4HANA. In the standard procurement process, the Purchase Order is being created, then the supplier ships…
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    This microlearning explains how to activate enterprise search using the task list SAP_ESH_INITIAL_SETUP_WRK_CLIENT in SAP S/4HANA User Experience.
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    In this microlearning, you'll find out how to visualize capacities for work centers, how to visualize the load on work centers, how to detect overload situations,…