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Introducing Data Import Formats in SAP Agent Performance Management

This video introduces a demonstration in using Data Import Formats to import data into SAP Agent Performance Management.

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Introduction to Smart Data Integration on SAP Commissions

This video will introduce you to the Smart Data Integration (SDI) on SAP Commissions. You will become familiar with the SDI architecture and the customer requirements for data integration that SDI…

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CDL Global and File Settings - SAP Commissions

Get to know the necessary global and file settings in CDL setup. View a detailed demonstration of how you can configure individual file type settings for a smooth file transfer. If you're…

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CDL SFTP SETUP - SAP Commissions

Familiarize with the steps in initial setup of Commissions Data Loader to associate with SAP Commissions tenant. Learn to configure a Secure File Transfer Protocol client and get started with…

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Introduction to Data Importing HANA Tools in SAP Commissions

In this video, you’ll learn the difference between Process Integration and Data Integration. You’ll learn three tooling requirements for Data Integration, and you’ll learn about…

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ODI Folders and Data Files Types

Learn about the various folders and data file types in the On-Demand Integration dropbox. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines to use the folders and files effectively.

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