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Interaction Contacts & Your License - SAP Marketing Cloud

This video explains the contractual contact count, the terminology for different types of contacts and how to keep the license count in check.

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Planning and Configuring the Contact Data Load - SAP Marketing Cloud

Are you wondering what id origins are and how to configure them? Watch this video to get some important insights and aspects to consider when loading contact & account data into SAP Marketing…

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Understanding Contact Data Origins - SAP Marketing Cloud

You can load contacts from multiple sources to build and enrich the contact master data in SAP Marketing Cloud. To enable the data load you need to configure the data source as an origin. For…

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[ARCHIVED] Marketing Agreements - SAP Marketing Cloud

Please note: this video is outdated and has been archived. In order to browse up-to-date content, please go back to the main page of openSAP Microlearning In this video you will be introduced to the…

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Interactions, Interaction Contacts and Products - SAP Marketing Cloud

Learn about the main entity types that make up the data model - interactions, interaction contacts, and products in SAP Marketing Cloud.

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Dynamic Customer Profiling - SAP Marketing Cloud

This video will give you a glimpse into how SAP Marketing Cloud creates a unified customer profile across channels to give you valuable insights into customers' real-time intents.

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