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Using Caller ID Feature in Mobile Apps - SAP Sales Cloud

This video shows you how to use the Caller ID feature to access Cloud for Customer contact information. You will learn how to set up and configure the feature on your mobile phone.

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Mobile Lead Creation by Business Card Scanning - SAP Business ByDesign

This video shows you how lead scanning with smartphones works in SAP Business ByDesign.

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Lead- and Account-Based Marketing - SAP Marketing Cloud

In this video you will learn how SAP Marketing Cloud helps you to nurture and qualify demand to hand over to your Sales department. You will also see how SAP Marketing Cloud allows you to apply a…

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SAP Sales Cloud Solution Demo

This video provides you a demo of the latest features of the SAP Sales Cloud solution. You will see features like homepage, lead scoring, converting leads to opportunity, influencer map,…

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SAP Sales Cloud Solution Features

This video provides details of the feature set available in the SAP Sales Cloud Solution. Learn how SAP Sales Cloud smoothes Sales Automation processes with intelligent features. Please note - this…

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Lead Nurture Stream - SAP Marketing Cloud

Do you want to successfully convert more contacts into leads? Lead Nurture Stream enables you to interact with your contacts at every stage of the sales cycle and gently nurture them into more leads.…

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Integrating Marketing Cloud with Sales Cloud - SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Marketing Cloud

This video will show you how to leverage the integration between SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud. You will learn about the business benefits and how to set up and configure the integration.…

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