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Demonstrating a Use Case for the SAP Customer Data Platform

In this demo, we show you a practical use case to demonstrate the features and functionalities of SAP Customer Data Platform, as well as take you inside the platform.Check the documentation for…

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Introducing SAP Customer Data Platform Catalog

Learn how SAP Customer Data Platform‘s product catalog can help you to better evaluate how your customers are engaging with your brand and its products, and to improve your audiences.

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Introducing Consumption Credits and Estimator Overview

This video guides you through SAP Commerce Cloud Consumption Credits and Estimator Overview. You will learn what Consumption Credits are, and how to use the estimator to calculate the required…

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Managing Batch Definitions in SAP Concur

Batch Definitions determine when an Expense Pay batch closes and is sent to the processing engine. There are two types of batches; cash and credit card. In this training, you will see how to create a…

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Using the Data Masking Feature in SAP HANA Cloud

Data masking provides an additional layer of access control that can be applied to tables and views in the SAP HANA database. This video showcases the powerful capabilities of data masking within the…

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Creating Web Channel Campaigns in SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

This video shows how to use Web Channel, a powerful tool to display personalized content on your website by using SAP Emarsys database's real-time session data and historical CRM data.

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Configuring Site Settings in SAP Customer Data Cloud

In this video, you'll learn about Site Settings. Site Settings are the first set of configurations required to implement Customer Identity projects. You will learn about adding trusted site…

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Downloading Software in SAP for Me

Learn how to download software in SAP for Me

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Signing In to SAP Concur with Two-Factor Authentication Using an Android

To enhance the security of all SAP Concur users, two-factor authentication (2FA) is mandatory for users who sign in to SAP Concur solutions with a username and password. This video shows you…

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Introducing the Final Due Date Calculation in SAP S/4HANA Proactive Maintenance

Learn how the Final Due Date (FDD) calculation works in SAP S/4HANA Maintenance Management - Proactive Maintenance. The Final Due Date (FDD) enables the maintenance planners and maintenance…

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Introducing Business Data Orchestration and Distribution Models

This video demonstrates how to use Business Data Orchestration and the distribution models. Learn about SAP One Domain Model, SAP Master Data Integration Service, data providers and consumers,…

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Using AI and Machine Learning Capabilities to Rank Resumes in SAP Fieldglass

You can use AI and Machine Learning capabilities to rank job seeker resumes in SAP Fieldglass. At the conclusion of this lesson, learners will be able to describe the AI capabilities to rank resumes…

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Updating Your Travel Profile in SAP Concur

Learn how to update your travel profile in Concur Travel. Update personal, company, contact, and credit card information, set travel preferences, and add an assistant. Get ready to book your next…

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Introducing How SAP Puts AI Into the Context of Business

Discover how SAP is infusing AI into their business applications and Business Technology Platform (BTP). Learn about the AI capabilities already used by thousands of customers and the Generative AI…

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Setting Up a Local SAP Commerce Cloud Composable Storefront Instance

In this video, you will learn how to set up your local Composable Storefront environment by using the Composable Storefront libraries.

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Assigning Authorizations to S-User ID for Case Creation in SAP for Me

Learn how to assign authorizations to S-user ID for case creation in SAP for Me.

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Bring Customer Context to SAP S/4 HANA Business Processes - Customer Data Platform

In this video, you will learn how SAP Customer Data Platform can bring customer context to SAP S/4 HANA business processes. You can view the documentation on the SAP Help Portal for more details:…

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Brokers, Broker Types and Accounts - SAP Broker Reconciliation for Commodity Derivatives

In Part One of this series, you will understand the role of a broker in commodity derivatives trading, learn about the difference between a clearing broker and a trading broker and why they are…

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Resources - SAP Sales Cloud

In this video, you will find links to resources where you can get more information on SAP Sales Cloud solution. Learn about resources such as, SAP help portal, SAP learning hub, SAP…

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Kickstarting Your Journey with SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

This video introduces the basics of the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform and the key terminology. The use case of winning back churning customers is used to introduce products and functions.

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